Saturday, July 23, 2016

My 29th Completed Quilt

Or My Row by Row Experience 2016. Last year was my first Row by Row. I had every intention of being the first to bring in my quilt to my local quilt shop, but that didn't happen.  I decided that I would have to take vacation the first week of Row by Row to meet that goal.  So this year, I realized that I would be doing some traveling and changed my goal: I set my goal to making a row from 8 different states.
  We took the grand kids to Disney and along the way I got Florida and Georgia and then my home state of Tennessee. Then we visited an uncle in Wisconsin and on the way I also picked up Kentucky, Illinois too.  Then we crossed the border țo Minnesota where I picked up 2 more rows: 8 rows and 7 states.
  Last Saturday while visiting my local quilt shop (Stitchers Playhouse),  I learned that no one had brought a quilt in yet. So I started stitching  on Sunday and I finished this morning.  I took my quilt to the shop.  Unfortunately, a quilt was brought in yesterday.  However,  I got a consolation prize.  A nice jellyroll. I feel like I accomplished my goal. Thank you Stitchers Playhouse.
  I called my husband to tell him I didn't win,  but I got a jelly roll as a consolation.  He responded, "Save me slice"

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