Sunday, July 31, 2016

31st Completed Quilt

This is a small quilt for a challenge.  I decided that I would replicate my 7 year old grandson's drawing for the challenge.  I had to use specific colors and this is the reason I changed the colors from the original drawing. He likes it.

30th Completed Quilt

This was an unplanned little quilt prompted by taking my grand daughter with me to the quilt store. She really wanted Duke and Max fabric to make a quilt.  The deal was she was going to do it with my help.
  She did  piece part of the top with my assistance. I wanted her to try quilting with my long arm,  but she lacked the confidence to try.

Monday, July 25, 2016

My 28th Completed.Quilt

This is a repeat of a quilt that I made a couple weeks ago: Minecraft.  The first was for my 7 year old grandson.  When my 4 year grand son saw the blocks, he would  ask to see them every time he came over. I just had to make one for him, too.  I sewed along with: Minecraft Monday Sew Along to make both of the quilts.  She had great tutorials.

Saturday, July 23, 2016

My 29th Completed Quilt

Or My Row by Row Experience 2016. Last year was my first Row by Row. I had every intention of being the first to bring in my quilt to my local quilt shop, but that didn't happen.  I decided that I would have to take vacation the first week of Row by Row to meet that goal.  So this year, I realized that I would be doing some traveling and changed my goal: I set my goal to making a row from 8 different states.
  We took the grand kids to Disney and along the way I got Florida and Georgia and then my home state of Tennessee. Then we visited an uncle in Wisconsin and on the way I also picked up Kentucky, Illinois too.  Then we crossed the border țo Minnesota where I picked up 2 more rows: 8 rows and 7 states.
  Last Saturday while visiting my local quilt shop (Stitchers Playhouse),  I learned that no one had brought a quilt in yet. So I started stitching  on Sunday and I finished this morning.  I took my quilt to the shop.  Unfortunately, a quilt was brought in yesterday.  However,  I got a consolation prize.  A nice jellyroll. I feel like I accomplished my goal. Thank you Stitchers Playhouse.
  I called my husband to tell him I didn't win,  but I got a jelly roll as a consolation.  He responded, "Save me slice"

Monday, July 18, 2016

My 27th Completed Quilt

I finished this one last week. It is an old UFO. Probably 10 years old.  I have used it at Christmas time to cover a chair that held my small Christmas tree.  I had not quilted it though.  So when I was trying to decide what to work on next,  I saw it in my closet. This was perfect.  I am trying to complete a quilt a week and this almost completed quilt got me back on track.

Monday, July 4, 2016

My 26th Competed Quilt

      This quilt is for my grandson's birthday which is the 7th. He will be 8. I also have blocks made for a second Minecraft quilt for my 4 year old grandson.  I have been sewing along with the Minecraft Monday Sew Along to make these quilts.  If you are interested in making a Minecraft quilt. You should check it out.   Kelli s  tutorials are easy to follow.

My 25th Completed Quilt

This is from my scraps. You can see I ran out of zebra.